Meme Roundup #2: Covid New Years Edition

My brain is a surreal vortex. Time for internet jokes.

Meme Roundup #2: Covid New Years Edition
Photo by Kate Stone Matheson / Unsplash

Hello my loves,

It continues to be a slow quiet winter. Now that I've joined the ranks of those affected by the current Covid surge, I think it's time for another meme roundup.

If you'd like to send me a note while I'm sick, feel free to reply with any of these...

  • Which one's your favorite?
  • What's a meme you've loved recently that I missed?
  • Is this evidence that we live in the same social media bubble or a very different one? (In other words: are you seeing similar or different memes on your internet?)

Or just say hello and send imaginary soup and kittens. But please don't expect many words in response... I'm running a little low. 🙊


(this one's actually from a friend, and you should go check out their art)